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Angle Estate Sales Takes care to make your estate sale a source of pride and profit. We go the extra mile.



This beautiful home is brimming with lovely indoor & outdoor furniture, as well as beautiful decor pieces and household items for everywhere in home.  All On Trend for NOW. We get the keys August 16...but will start to sell furniture SOON.. Keep coming back to see what we have!

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Your convenience is the #1 job of Angle Estate Sales. We strive to make this life transition as  easy for you as possible. After you remove all of your personal possessions that  you want to keep, we will sort through what remains. We specialize "Boutique" Estate Sales. In addition to presenting CLEAN, and ORGANIZED sales, wego that extra mile to display your heirlooms and collections in such a way that they are pleasing to look at, almost like shopping in a small shop. Before you start tossing out items, call us. Let us decide which items we can sell for you and we will dispose of those that we can't. Be assured that we will work hard to set up a successful sale and get the highest proceeds possible from your Estate .



We pride ourselves in our ability to see the value in your family heirlooms, be that, vintage, valuable or useful. We price your items according to fair market value and display them to catch the eye of our customers in a clean and organized surrounding.

We determine how many days to hold your Estate Sale,  according to how many items you have to sell , and we will staff the sale with cheerful and helpful people who will  answer questions, protect your property, and hold customers purchases in a special area so that they can freely shop for more. We will place signs at key intersections to direct customers to the Sale, and post signs for parking instructions, so that we do not disturb your neighbors. 

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We can recommend a charity to pick up the items that did not sell, or work with a charity of your choosing, and obtain a tax receipt for you, or find a local buy out company to purchase what is left. After the House is empty we sweep the home to get it ready for your real estate professionals. We service most communities in  the Tampa Bay Area.


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